Por el cansancio de tus ojos.

  ¡Por lo gastada de tu voz!

 Por este amor que son despojos.

que quiero superar con todo este calor.

Te quiero tanto, ¡Sí, te quiero tanto!

Por la sonrisa que me ofreces.

¡Por la ternura que me das!

Me siento como un niño sin futuro.

¡Como horizonte que te espera sin viajar!

Te quiero tanto… ¡Te quiero tanto…!

¡Sin tiempo, sin edad… Y sin distancia!

Comparto tus angustias, tu vieja soledad.

¡Déjala sola! ¡Yo soy tu compañero!
que espera que descubras tu paz aquí en mi paz.

Te quiero tanto… ¡Te quiero tanto!

Por mi pasión y tu nostalgia.
¡Por tantas horas sin reloj!

Te quiero de este modo… Sin tiempo y contra todo.

Te quiero porque eres la causa de este amor.

Te quiero porque eres la causa de este amor.

Te quiero tanto, ¡Sí! ¡Te quiero tanto!

Te extraño como se extrañan las noches sin estrellas,

como se extrañan las mañanas bellas,

no estar contigo por Dios que me hace daño.

Te extraño cuando camino, cuando lloro, cuando río,

cuando el sol brilla, cuando hace mucho frío

porque te siento como algo muy mío.

Te extraño como los árboles extrañan el otoño,

en esas noches que no concilio el sueño,

no te imaginas amor como te extraño.

Te extraño en cada paso que siento solitario,

cada momento que estoy viviendo a diario,

estoy muriendo amor porque te extraño.

Te extraño cuando la aurora comienza a dar colores,

con tus virtudes, con todos tus errores,
por lo que quieras, no sé, pero te extraño.

Negras mis penas son
como tu piel morena
Fundidas en bronce están
mis amarguras.
Por eso a implorarte vengo
Virgen Negra
Que cures heridas viejas
que me torturan.
Si nunca estás ocupada,
si nadie te pide nada
por ser tu cara morena,
ayudame Virgen Negra.
Buscando amor
me hallé sin sol, sin luz.
Y al puerto del olvido fui a llorar mi gran dolor,

Sálvame, sálvame TÚ,
Que las vírgenes se fueron,
en el cielo se escondieron,
No responden a mi voz.

Mi cruz.
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Frances-0 The Bride
Song Song

Hope and confusion

Comment about that someone the song speaks about because of the love of infinite, eternal and absolute goodness, clean as the first pure and fresh waters, which is what guarantees eternal happiness to all creatures and because of the abhorrence and fear to any form of deception, betrayal and trick of evil.

My name is Fausto Antonio Fernández (Tony). I am a 55 years old man (It’s the year 2016). My years are few and the mysteries in the universe are many.

Concerning that someone the song speaks about.

I began to wonder if it was a call from God as the Christian religion teaches one to believe in God’s calling; Callings that could be seeing through the Bible in so many ways. Therefore I started to investigate.

The song “Alguien vendrá” (Someone will come) is interpreted by a Mexican singer named José José. And it is interesting that in the Bible a man named Joseph carried in his arms the Messiah when the Messiah was born and another Joseph had him in his arms when he died.

Since I was investigating about that someone who the song speaks about and in a song is spoken about her, I kept thinking that through other songs I was being illuminated on this matter. I had a camera installed in the store and watching the camera recording I saw Saraí on her side; I did not see her face; And I thought she listened to the song mentioned above; And something interesting happened while she was in the store and the song played. When the song said: "por la sonrisa que me ofreces… (for the smile you offer me ...)" Saraí turns her head around and shows a gesture of surprise, and I that knew that she knew that I was interested in her, I thought that maybe she was listening to the words of that song and maybe she was saying: "Is it at me that that one looking for girlfriend is saying: "Te quiero tanto, te quiero tanto? (I love you so much, I love you so much?)” And I thought that she smiled silently; And I thought that when she listened to the words of the song that then said: "por la sonrisa que me ofrece… (for the smile you offer me ...)" and then her turning around with a gesture of  surprise when she supposedly heard that, I thought that it was that she got surprised to hear in the song what I thought she was doing: smiling silently.
And that brought me the remembrance of Saraí, Abraham's wife, when angels of ancient time were in his place, by the oaks of Manre, when Abraham's wife Saraí smiled when she heard that she was going to have a child being an old woman, and when she was discovered smiling denied she smiled, and Jehovah said:
"Yes, you smiled." Genesis 18:15
Now it is possible that Saraí  at the store was not even paying attention to the song and when she turned around the face with a gesture of surprise was for something else that had nothing to do with the song being played. But something interesting also happened: When the song said:
“Comparto tus angustias, tu vieja soledad (I share your anguish, your old solitude”) A friend of Saraí called her from the back of the store saying: “¡Sara!” And immediately the song continues saying: "¡Dejala sola! Yo soy tu compañero que espera que descubras tu paz aquí en mi paz. (Leave her alone! I am your mate waiting for you to discover your peace here in my peace.)
Since the Daydream song begins saying that
"solitude is transitory ... " I told myself that surely this new song was indicating to me that Saraí  was that someone who the song speaks about.  Something very interesting and mysterious happened with another song. One afternoon was Saraí in the store and the following new song was playing:

The mystery of this song was that when I looked at the camera to see Saraí, in this song appears mysteriously recorded my name Tony. When the song said: “No estar contigo por Dios que me hace daño. (No to be with you, for God, that it hurts me.)" it said so in the camera recording: “No estar contigo (Tony) por Dios que me hace daño… (No to be with you (Tony) for God, that it hurts me .)"
And I that was already thinking that she was the one who the song speaks about, when hearing this one I thought: “
That's like a message of what her heart feels, as if her feelings were being revealed to me through that song, as if she talked to me through that song.” Because why and how appeared recorded in the camera my name Tony? Even to a little girl who lived in the apartment upstairs I asked to listen to the recording asking her what name she heard and she said Tony. Not that I needed corroboration of what I knew and heard clearly but as to share my amazement with someone else. That’s why I decided to write her a letter and send her a cassette with the dreamy song telling her my testimony. In that letter I asked her: "Are you that someone the song speaks about or shall I continue searching?"  I expected a response from Saraí that never came. One day I got her phone number and decided to call her. Her attitude with me was not very nice.

She shouted at me: "I don’t like you, I don’t like you.”
And I said to her: "I am the man with whom you can be happy."
And she said: "all men say so!"
And I said: "Well, okay ,  Saraí, don’t get mad like that."

She was sincere when she said that I was of not interest to her, that she didn’t like me.
Perhaps it was unwise for me to call her without knowing her, but she ignored my testimony and I needed an answer. I thought that at least she was going to answer my letter saying “she was not that someone the song speaks about."

But I never got a reply from her despite that I waited, waited and waited.
I didn’t have any success with Saraí thinking that she was that someone the song speaks about, instead, I got a rejection and a discouragement in my feelings, something not desirable. The words of the first song are beautiful when you think of the biblical Abraham expressing them to his wife Sarah and the second song thinking of Sarah expressing them to Abraham; As if the
SOURCE were waking up the dead who in turn look for their loved ones.

Loss of faith and disillusionment

I left the place where I lived and I had to go to live with my sister because I had neither job, nor money to pay rent. Then I had the idea of sending a letter to Radio Vision Cristiana, a radio station in New Jersey heard by many believers.
In that letter I spoke about my experience; I sent them a copy of the song and asked them to read the letter and to play the song to see if any woman believer in the gospel had some revelation or calling like myself. In that letter I told that possible
someone who the song speaks about my desire to find her; I told her I was looking for her and to respond if she had a calling like mine. The letter was not read as I expected. However, in less than two weeks of me sending that letter, in the month of December 1995, appeared in Radio Vision Cristiana a woman saying her testimony. She had also received a calling similar to mine. Her name is Beatriz Q.
The name of the pastor who interviewed her is David G..

Beatriz Q. in her testimony said that God had showed her she would find five people and that one of them was someone who meant a lot to her. In her search she even went to Hong Kong, China. I had her testimony recorded on tape, over an hour of recording. These are just some of the words that Beatriz tells David G. about her search:

Beatriz says:

" ... During all the way I could not find any man that God showed me ."

The dreamy song says: "Both of you will meet on the way."

Beatriz says:

" ... and I was on the streets and I said where is he? And looked at the shops and said to myself: Is he there? "
"I expected an answer very ... , very personal , right?" And I had expected it, brothers, for many years ! I had been quiet ! "

The dreamy song says, "Someone will be waiting to give you the love that is holding."

When I heard this testimony of Beatriz for the first time, I was filled with enthusiasm since I saw that the solitude the song spoke about was coming to an end. Her calling confirmed a lot of things to mine. She was also looking for someone who, according to her words, was very special for her, very personal.

David G. asks: "Do you have boyfriend? I mean, are you married?"

And Beatriz says : "No!"

David G. says: "It is that ... It is that ... the ot... No, .. It is that many singles are going to stay single .... "

I thought that David G. was going to tell Beatriz that a couple of weeks earlier they had received a letter and a song from a man who was also looking for someone very special! That maybe Beatriz was the woman I was looking for and I the man she was looking for obeying the two of us a call from God. What was in David G.’s mind when he asked her if she was married? The unfinished word the ot… makes me think that he was going to say that the other day they had received a testimonial from a man who was also looking for someone.

It is interesting that the song says: "Someone will come and you will be happy."

And what does my name mean? Fausto means happy.

And what is the meaning of her name? Beatriz means: brings happiness
I discovered there is a famous poem called "Faust" written in the nineteenth century by a German poet named J. W. Von Goethe.
In it there is a scene in which appears Jehovah with the Devil, something like the Book of Job.

Jehovah asks the devil: Do you know Faust?

And Satan answered: The doctor?

Jehovah said: My servant .

(and then begins a bet between them where Faust ends up making a pact with the Devil)

I discovered that there is another famous poem called "The Divine Comedy" that of comedy has nothing, written in the fourteenth century by an Italian poet named Dante Alighieri; It is divided into three parts: Hell, Purgatory, and Paradise.
Interestingly, the main female character of this book is called Beatriz, who is in charge of guiding Dante to paradise or heaven. Then I started thinking that perhaps Beatriz Q. and I were prototypes of these characters in these poems of the past, poems that present the wiles of the devil and the condition of the dead in sin. For the character of Beatriz in Dante's poem is credited with being the one who speaks the Song of Songs in the Bible; she is called servant of God and the character Faust in Goethe's poem is also called God's servant.
In real life David G. never mentioned Beatriz Q. that they had received a letter from me. Therefore, Beatriz went home without knowing anything about me, about my letter and dreamy song.
Then I went a few days later to Radio Vision Cristiana to investigate more about Beatriz but I could not inquire anything; In the station did not know where she lived. With all the information in my favor that she was the
one who the song speaks about, and having her voice recorded on tape giving her testimony on the radio, I continued to believe that she and I were two souls who were seeking to fulfill a mission on earth: To be God's two witnesses and denounce the devil's kingdom on earth that would be implemented through the antichrist or the beast as he is called in the book of Revelation.

Doesn’t the song start playing the trumpet 6 times?

Doesn’t appear the two witnesses after the sixth trumpet?

Aren’t they killed by the beast and through the power of God resurrected three days and a half later?

Didn’t Jesus come at the sound of the seventh trumpet?

Doesn’t say the song someone will come and you will be happy?

Doesn’t mean my name happy?

Doesn’t mean the name of Beatriz…. that brings happiness?

Why appeared a woman named Beatriz with a call like mine two weeks after I had sent the letter and that song to Radio Vision Cristiana?
With all these things in mind I decided to leave my sister's house to live in the street like a vagabond; Doesn’t the song say:
both will meet on the way?
Doesn’t the Bible say that Abraham went out, not knowing whither he went?

I lived on the street with the hope even greater to find in any street at any time Beatriz.

Although it was a miserable life I felt with strength since it was better than before when I thought it was Saraí . Now I had the name of Beatriz in my mind as a living hope and promises of great things.

I spent the days collecting empty bottles and cans in the streets in a cart of those used in supermarkets. I sold those bottles and cans in the supermarket and that little money I used to buy food. That is how I made my living on the street. To bathe I filled gallons of water and went to a park that was like a forest and in the forest tranquility bathed me. I made a little cottage in the forest (four walls and a roof) where I slept several times and where the police did not know because the police do not even let the homeless sleep even in the parks. I slept for some days at the door of a Catholic church. When it rained I had to take refuge in a corner of the door of the church to avoid getting wet. However, despite all these discomforts I felt with strengh because at any time I thought I would find in the way that someone who the song speaks about who now I believed was named Beatriz.

But the days and months passed without success and began to feel a deep sadness.
I was feeling very tired.
I prayed to God wanting to end all this.

Time passed.

I spent a long while on the street and found nothing.

One day, a little desperate, talking to a lady in an evangelical church told her my great situation. I told her how tired I was. And to my surprise and delight this lady tells me she knows Beatriz, the same Beatriz I was looking for. She told me a little bit about her and  got me her phone number.

At last I had something.

I called Beatriz for the first time believing that in some way she knew something about me. When I spoke to her on the phone her voice was indifferent, beautiful but indifferent since she had never heard of me.

I talked to her about my letter and the song I had sent to Radio Vision Cristiana before she testified. She said she had never received any letter from Radio Vision Cristiana.

I understood that her heart was going to be full of faith when she knew someone also was living a similar experience as hers. And hoped that David G. would give her, off the air, my letter and song. But David G. never gave her anything. She had no fire in her mind on my favor. The increased enthusiasm and faith she may have felt if David G. had given her news of mine was not in her.

She knew absolutely nothing about me.

To me that was a big disappointment that made me reflect about the value of faith, and very nervous, sad and confused I got into a cement pipe in Inwood Park to think; I didn’t know what to think because I could not believe she knew nothing, for I was quite sure that she was that someone who the song speaks about.

But I encourage myself a bit because I suggested her to go to Radio Vision Cristiana to find the letter and dreamy song so she could prove for herself that there was similarities between her quest and mine, and understand that the letter and song were already in the station before she went to give her testimony. I tried to meet her in a church but could not see her.
I went to church but she was not.
One afternoon, lying on my bed in my room, (I was not in the street any more) I heard a man's voice said in my mind:
¡Te encono!

And I got the name David G. after that word; Of course, today I think they are wiles of evil spirits who try to lead one's attention to other people. I had never heard that word in my life, so I got up and looked in a dictionary the meaning and I learned that word is synonymous of hate; What the voice said was : I hate you!

Yet I continued to believe that Beatriz was the one who the song speaks about.
My feelings were bitter, as I had already spent several years with this mental pain.
Time went on as I deeply felt my uneasiness.
One day I phoned the evangelical woman who gave me the phone number of Beatriz; And this lady told me that Beatriz had gotten married.
She married a man named Joshua.
My sorrow increased. My faith diminished.

Days later, an afternoon sleeping, I woke up when a voice inside my head told me mockingly: I am Joshuaaaaa!

I felt his spirit depart from inside my head announcing mockingly that he was Joshua. It is interesting that Joshua in the Bible was the one who sounded seven trumpets when the city of Jericho was destroyed.

As for me there was nothing left to find.

I  was disorientated now with a sadness and mental fatigue that only I know.

To make things worse, in those days, a police in a bicycle saw me sitting in front of a store that was closed, and ordered me to stand up. I did not listen but rather touched with my hand the rubber of his bike and that was a reason to throw me in the eye pepper, then quickly appeared other policemen and beat me and bloody sent me to a hospital in the Bronx. It was a hospital of mental illness. I was there for almost a month. I was treated well and they let me go.

Already without faith and feeling mocked I left the city of New York and I moved to Florida. There I fell into other errors that led me to another clinic for the mentally ill.
The truth is that in those years I had certain out of the ordinary actions but they were very few. I always knew what I was doing. My reason was healthy. I knew what I was trying to obtained despite I could not achieve anything; And even though I could not achieve anything, my prayer be to God for Saraí, Beatriz and David G. who gave strength to my story which pushed me to attempt what seemed possible. I never got to see the face of Beatriz. I don’t know if she is pretty or ugly; I just know that I fell in love with her spirit because of her testimony in Radio Vision Cristiana. I do admit that maybe David G. knew nothing of my letter and song when he interviewed Beatriz, although his questions make me think otherwise. I never discovered the meaning of the word “
procrikí” even though I searched it diligently. It is probable that the mysterious word I heard was “Pracriti”  which in Sanskrit means “Nature or the active feminine creative force, or it is very possible that the mysterious word I heard was “Procriti”  the name of the first existing woman according to the Hindu holy book, the Rig Veda, and that in Sanskrit means life.

Ir arriba The Bride - Part 4

I thought it was a test from God, a calling. As with the ancient prophets I thought I was going to be indicated one way or another what He wanted from me. I took that experience as a call from heaven because one is not experiencing every day those weird things of hearing voices so clearly in his sleeping after hearing a song.
I began to wonder if it was true what the song said:
that there was someone (a woman) who was waiting to give me the love that she was keeping.

The men and women who believe in God believe that God is love. The union of Isaac and Rebekah, for example, happened with Divine guidance. The song says
"both will meet in the way." I believed it literally and spiritually for the Bible says that Jesus Christ is "the way, the truth and the life.” So, I thought that that someone the song speaks about I was going to find in the way would be a woman who believed in the gospel.
The days, weeks and months passed and I lived believing that at any time I would find that someone the song speaks about. All the women I liked on the street I saw as a possible candidate. I was surrounded by people but I felt spiritually alone while my mind was eaten by many questions.

I wondered what was the reason for the call. Then I realized that the song starts playing the trumpet 6 times and in the book of Revelation between the sixth and seventh trumpets are the two witnesses. Two witnesses who would manifest in the world before Christ's return that would occur at sounding of the seventh trumpet.
I knew that the Christian world believes that these two witnesses are Enoch and Elijah, but I thought that there is no better testimony of God’s love to bring together two strangers, a man and a woman, and so bear witness to him, as the Creator of the human race. So, I started to believe that I was a witness and the woman who the song speaks about was the other witness.

There was a woman named Saraí  who I thought could be that someone the song speaks about, but after a little inquiry I learned it was not her. I had shown some interest towards her believing that she could be that someone the song speaks about. She visited a grocery store where I worked which was in front of the church that she attended; So the grocery store was across the street from the church. One night in the grocery store she told me, (she knew my interest for her already): "It looks like you're looking for a girlfriend, there are many other girls in the church" I was 32 years old by then (Year 1993) And if I remember correctly I think I said it was on her that I was interested. And she insinuated me that maybe in an upcoming occasion we could continue talking. The most beautiful chrismas greeting card I have ever given to someone was one I gave to Saraí. It was white with beautiful letters saying in Hebrew the word Shalom which means Peace. Something interesting and mysterious is that the word Shalom written in the Greeting card when read from bottom to top read like my nickname: Tony. What pushed me to believe that Saraí was that someone who the song speaks about was that one afternoon she went to the grocery store where I worked and while she was looking for some goods on the top of a shell (the shell had a speaker on top of it) a song played saying:

Saint Matthew 2:13

Saint John 19:38

Simba: a mysterious woman

Loneliness and lack of information makes one imagines things that can be true or can be false. I remember when I was in the streets of New York, I came to think that there was some secrecy in .......


Song to God, to MOTHER LIFE, before the creation of the stars.


“And thou sayest, How doth God know?
Can he judge through the dark...?

Book of Job 22:13

Yea, before the day was, I AM.”

Prophet Isaiah 43:13