Pusieron rosas rojas en memoria de su amor.
El cielo se ha encendido con un bello resplandor.
Y ya la enamorada le ha sabido perdonar.       
Borró su culpa la oración. Por fin descansará.  
(Cualquier pecador arrepentido)

Ipiaé ipiaiió.
Jinetes por el cielo van (Apocalipsis 9:17-19) y no se detendrán.                            
Leyenda de un jinete que galopa sin cesar,              
(Cualquier pecadora)
cumpliendo la condena de cruzar la eternidad,
por traicionar en vida lo que fué su
Gran Amor,
sembrando llantos y dolor en otro corazón.
Ipiaé ipiaiió.

JINETES por el cielo van (Apocalipsis 19:11-14) y no se detendrán.              
Ipiaé ipiaiió.

jinetes por el cielo van y no se detendrán.            (Desenlace entre el BIEN y el mal)
Ipiaé ipiaiió.

Galopan sin poder parar…., jamás.                           (La justicia Divina)

               Leyenda de un jinete que galopa sin cesar,   (Cualquier pecador)
cumpliendo la condena de cruzar la eternidad,(Vivir para siempre pero condenado)
por traicionar en vida lo que fué su Gran Amor (Dios y los buenos principios)
sembrando llantos y dolor en otro corazón.
  Ipiaé ipiaiió.
 Jinetes por el cielo van
(Apocalipsis 6:2-8)  y no se detendrán.                      
Detrás de aquel jinete van diablos en tropel     (Pensamientos acusatorios y otras cosas)
que gritan y castigan sin descanso a su corcel.
Son tantos los amores que en su vida traicionó  (Bajo las ramas extendidas del castaño
que nunca encontrará perdón en otro corazón.   yo te vendí y tú me vendiste.)
Ipiaé ipiaiió.
Jinetes por el cielo van (Apocalipsis 9:7-11) y no se detendrán.                


Fotografías de bodas multiples

(si uno no ama)




Yo busco un refugio en LA NOCHE
para pensar, para escribir, para soñar.
Estoy enamorado y no sé de quién.
Yo quiero marcharme y no sé a dónde.
Yo quiero perderme para encontrarme.
Yo sé que dejarse querer no sirve de nada,
y que la vida no es vida si uno no ama.
Y yo quiero amar, yo quiero amar.
LA NOCHE sabe de mí
y sabe de mis cosas,
como soy y de como no fui.
La noche sabe de mí.

Yo quiero enterrar mí tiempo viejo
y alimentar el que viene a mi encuentro.
Dejarse querer no sirve de nada.
LA NOCHE sabe de mí.
Sabe de mis cosas,
como soy y de como no fui.
La noche sabe de mí.
Yo confieso y me sincero, empiezo a vivir.
Dejarse querer no sirve de nada.
(si uno  no ama)

Yo confieso y me sincero, empiezo a vivir.

El camino que conduce al olivar
se iluminó cuando le vio pasar
Bendito aquel que trae la luz.
Los olivos vieron subir al Señor
a cada paso brotaba una flor
Bendito aquel que trae la luz.
Un hombre se acercó y preguntó
¿Quién eres Señor?
Por qué los ciegos ven
al Tú posar tu mano en su piel.
¿Quién eres Señor?
Y el mundo al fin oyó su voz.

Yo soy la luz del mundo      (San Juan 8:12)
y el
ETERNO es mi Padre.
El que me siga
saldrá de la oscuridad
(saldrá de la ignorancia, NO de la NOCHE)
y caminará hacia la luz.
(Hacia el entendimiento)
Yo vengo a vosotros en su NOMBRE
En verdad os digo: quien venga conmigo
nunca tendrá hambre.
Yo soy el pan de la vida.  
(San Juan 6:35)

Los hombres hoy preguntan
al no encontrar la paz ni el amor
¿Quién eres Señor?
y el mundo
(los pecadores arrepentidos), al fin,
oyó su voz.
(Profeta Daniel 12:10)

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Part 3
Part 4


Time passed away, it has returned you to my path.
 Destiny has reunited what it had separated.

“As always”


However, sins still dwell here on planet earth and what is important now is to get rid of them saying no to temptation for this is a matter of cause and immediate effect: a person who has never sinned steals for the first time and immediately is born in his mind an energy, a little fire, a memory that tells him he's a thief; The thief then is asked: “Did you steal this?” And the thief usually says: “No, I did not steal it.” Thus creating in his mind another energy, another little fire, a padlock, another memory that now says: “You're not only a thief but also a liar.” And that way that person damages his mind and his feelings because he becomes a child of fear and shame, because for fear and shame he conceals his acts and lives always hidden. Can you imagine that in a new life God gives you as a father someone named fear and as a mother someone called shame? What would be your name? Your name might be sadness.
Even if you shudder, don’t hide your things because of those two feelings, rather, be brave because your inner being is healed when you confess to God. Be true even if you had to die for not being a child of fear and shame. And don’t let anymore that little fire be created in your mind. Remember that the Omnipresent, Omniscient and Omnipotent God is THE DAY and also
THE NIGHT, the Thinking Space.

The sinners and riders in the sky

I invite you when you pray to God to do so for all the worlds and their inhabitants, including animals of all kinds, be they tame or those on the wild jungle where you see what appears to be injustice not understood, A MYSTERY, possible fate of beings from the past that were intelligent and educated but their violent, foolish and sinful attitudes while they had understanding led GOD to reincarnate their inner self (their bad thoughts and feelings) into wild animals like gorillas (kept now in oblivion) in the jungle, where the lion eats other creatures weaker than him but also suffers the discomfort of bites of insects and other things that we don’t know. Our inner self is the seed that God plants in eternal sublime beings or eternal little monsters but subject to death.

Three Wonderful Holy Kingdoms

Understanding that in the Thinking Space there are countless numbers of different worlds, it is obvious that there will be many forms of economic systems, and among them is capitalism. Undoubtedly, money is a good tool to manage and control things in a world; And it is fair that people receive wages according to their intellectual capabilities, because clearly, a man with many labor abilities is superior in his professional development than another man who can barely read and write. But for capitalism to be Divine it MUST BE OBEDIENT TO THE COMMANDMENTS OF GOD; The leaders of all nations must be examples in their behavior before the people, they must be pillars in their behavior and they achieve that by keeping the good universal principles, and these fundamental and necessary principles are in the commandments written in this poem which have been taken from Sinai; Such capitalism is good and holy as there would be in it no wrong as it is a perfect capitalism, designed so that worldwide unemployment among us is 0%, lay-off is prohibited except in case of employee’s irresponsibility (If a factory closed then the necessary levers would be moved to maintain the same economic order), misery will be non-existent, the poorest of the world could raise their family in dignity without their children having to go to theft, prostitution, and other sins. A holy capitalism is perfect and good since man can develop his intellect in the process of up seats and so moving from poverty to richness in a world of very much commercial activities and opportunities for all; That way everyone would strive to get rich to live better. If poverty and richness were represented with the numbers 1 through 100, where poverty is number 1 and richness number 100, then there should exist opportunities so that those in position 1 be able with effort to reach position 100. But, doesn’t Jesus speak negatively with respect to the entrance of the rich to the Kingdom of Heaven? I think that his statement should be practically analyzed and thus take a better posture. Those who don’t enter into the kingdom of heaven are the sinners whether they be rich  or poor; The rich man who apart himself from sin does enter into the kingdom of God as any repentant sinner does. Abraham is one of the most important man in the Bible; He is called the father of faith. If the rich man did not enter into the kingdom of heaven, then the Gates of heaven would be closed to Abraham, as Genesis 13:2 says that Abraham was very rich. God Himself is the inexhaustible Treasure, and God’s steps we must always follow; If God were not RICH, there would not be a drop of water in the sea, or a grain of sand in the desert, or a flower in the field, or a star in the sky; Almost everything would be a barrenness, a great penury. But God’s WEALTH ARE INEXHAUSTIBLE and God’s steps we must follow always. Was Jesus against wealth? Did he love poverty? Let the passage of the sterile fig tree answer to you that question. (Mark 11: 12-14) Was the fig tree rich or poor ? What was the attitude of Jesus when he found no figs?
His attitude was of sadness and anger because he found nothing. Poverty is not good! What would have been his attitude if the fig tree had been rich? Wouldn’t he had been glad if he had found fruits with which to satisfy his hunger? Being rich is good!
The danger is when man saturates his soul with a selfish ambition and refuses to be generous with those in need. It is even more dangerous when he puts his trust only in his wealth. But other than that, being rich is good; When rich men die they also have entrance into the kingdom of heaven. They simply have to repent from their sins like anyone else.
That just and good system where sin ceases to exist can be created on earth and that way all children of God strive to become rich in an eternal kingdom:
A Holy Capitalism.
On the other hand is another beautiful Kingdom; It is the egalitarian Kingdom in which GOODNESS surpasses justice. There will not exist the lower class; There will exist only an upper class with a Divine touch for all; What is that Divine touch?
A new and immortal glorified body! All of us will be rich serving freely one another with great joy, as if it were a big game. Money won’t exist! Everything will be free! We’ll have a new mind which never will have to worry for any desire or anything! This is not possible on earth because of the wickedness of humanity…, but it is indeed possible in Heaven! We shall have liberty
not in what is good and evil, but only in what is GOOD.
We will enjoy freedom in all that is good! How would life be without money?
How would all things be when all is free? A sector of society would be in charge to work, to get, for free, all the raw materials with which every conceivable products are made. In turn, they receive all the free services that abound in the world. Farmers would fill out the shelves of supermarkets freely. What benefits would the farmers get in turn? They would have all the free services of all the people! What would be your service, my friend? Maybe you’ll be a baker. And only for making bread, you would receive all services in the world for FREE. Need a taxi? Call a taxicab who would pick you up at home or anywhere ... for free. Want to travel to another country? Call to the airport to book a free flight, aboard the plane and go. Are you on the street and want to eat something? Enter into a restaurant and ask what you want for free. Need a house? Go to the housing department and choose the house of your taste or order the design of a new one... for free. Need a car? Go to the car shop and choose the car you like ... free. Is your car damaged? Call the crane to take your car to the mechanic ... for free. The auto shop would order the damaged part and will repair your car for free. Where do those auto parts in the store come from? Those parts are made by machinist with the raw material they receive for free. Need clothes, shoes, perfumes, jewelry? Go to the store and take or order everything you need ... free. Understand, reader, that all the benefits received by a server, like the baker or farmer, belong also to the other members of society like the administrator, the shoemaker, the broadcaster, the architect, the artist, the astronomer, the biologist, the blacksmith, the mason, the carpenter, the tailor, the dressmaker, the hairdresser, the builder, the engineer, the bus driver, the pilot, the shoeshine man, the cook, the electrician, the mechanic, and all the rest.  Does it seem to you that without money there will be no control in the acquisition and distribution of things? Remember that it's a Kingdom of Heaven! God brings order and control among us. Unemployment is 0%; Never layoffs; And poverty inexistent. The time will come then when the oldest souls retire (leaving the routinary services to the children) and devote themselves only to the study of all sciences becoming inventors of all kinds of smart things to put them at the service of the people.
Something desirable when God initiates us into eternal life is to let us know the true history of the Universe, of other worlds, of the earth since it was formed many millions of years ago, the history of the eternal past; What unknown creatures lived on earth before Adam and Eve? Understand, reader, that from Adam to us is only an era. The sacred existed in the past. What mysterious and nightmarish things occured?
God who is the Truth and knows our thirst of enlightenment will lead us into all truth. Compare that glorious Heaven, full of blessings, with the poverty, mental worries, with the distress of living forever doomed (condemned) paying rent to live in a house or apartment here on earth, with the many insecurities experienced by peoples here on earth and possibly other worlds. Nevertheless, in the Heavens we expect a perfect social order where the inhabitants are disciplined in the good customs, where there is no malice or deceit, rather, there is the law of friendliness, courtesy and responsibility in all workplaces. A malicious man who imagine living under that system may not want to work and still may want to get all things free, or perhaps would be glutton when going to the shops; Those spirits with such thoughts do not enter these blessed worlds, since it is obvious that nobody is going to live eternally without working, without never serving in anything to his/her neighbor. In that Heaven things will abound and superabound in this another eternal kingdom:
A Holy Egalitarianism.
Finally, there exist another Kingdom of God, as the Bible describes it, in which harmony will be so great that human beings will be in friendship even with the wild animals of the jungle, it is the kingdom which is like a hidden Treasure, the Biblical Holy Kingdom.

Peace and treason

In our Heaven, under the influence of God ONLY, there will
NEVER be developed in the mind of anyone not even a single bad thought or a bad feeling in the heart of anyone or anything else that could cause anger. This is of extreme importance when you think about it. A single bad thought in the mind of any eternal creature of a perfect world materializes one day into action and that will cause anger in someone else, and that action initiates a FATAL chain of events; It continues to spread little by little and after, let’s say 500 years, their good and happy feelings disappear. They all become gossiper, and things continue to deteriorate little by little and 1000 years later they would begin to fight first with their fists, then with sticks, with stones, and 10,000 years later they could wish to destroy one another with every imaginable weapon they create against one another. What was beautiful and happy ends up ugly and unhappy just because of a SINGLE bad thought in the mind of a SINGLE creature. That is the reason, reader, why when someone wishes to live eternal life should also ask God what I myself ask; Otherwise, true happiness would be condemned to failure, because to live eternally is very dangerous if things are not that way. Happiness for any creature MUST be eternal and it comes only when the mind of the person who dies is taken by the sacred forgetfulness and not by a nightmare, a nightmare that will be the normal life of the condemned one. Nothing has a good end when it is not accompanied by peace. But you can say, reader, what peace could be achieved in a world where even the rulers of the nations live in conflicts with one another with the fear that one day the planet be destroyed in a nuclear war?  A world where prophecies announce its eventual destruction?

Way to eternal life

Know, friend, that God's forgiveness for the repentant sinner is through
faith in the Christ; The blood of Jesus shed on the cross cleanses our sins; That God has risen the Messiah from the dead is the most important message of the gospel, because before, men and women thought that their lives ended in the cemetery; When they thought of death, they thought that everything ended in the tomb, but after the resurrection of the Christ, God put in the mind of mankind the infinite possibilities that come with eternal life. Human beings now can dream big! There will be no limit on his/her personal development! They will fly to the Heavens and go from glory to glory!
Understand that eternal life, even though priceless, even though it is a free gift from God, the Creator commands to obey two conditions: first,
to keep the commandments and second, to do good deeds.
God needs a strong moral authority in his BEING and the good example is put by yourself when you keep the commandments; This shows that your repentance is real. Exercising also doing good deeds indicates your sincere desire to be a good person. Walk through life keeping the faith and doing these two things. Record the following verse in your mind:
"Justified by faith, therefore, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus  Christ" (Book of Romans Chapter 5: 1).
Justified means
free from eternal condemnation. Then comes the purification to beautify you spiritually. Imagine a person who has the following qualities: peace, love, joy, patience, kindness, goodness, faith, meekness, temperance, truth, justice, generosity, prudence, humility, respect, friendship, diligence, delight, romance. It’s good to meditate about the importance of each one of them. These great qualities are the fruits of the Holy Spirit with WHOM many are molded and baptized. This is a perfect person, and people with these fruits are the ones who will live in the Kingdom of God, where no longer will exist neither sin nor death. The goal is to live forever in one of God’s countless Heavens full of happiness with perfect bodies, perfect minds and perfect feelings, young forever because there won’t exist old age. I say one of His countless Heavens because it is obvious that the Living Space is not going to have the same culture and the same species in all HIS/HER Infinite Body.
When I die I expect to be resuscitated by the Messiah or by the
SOURCE, the immaterial Being, who is the only one that makes us understand that has lived the eternal past and because is indestructible makes us understand that will live forever.
Besides Calvary another great evidence that every creature has to trust the CAUSE of all existence is the natural feeling of protection that the cause, that is God, put on parents for their children, this can even be seen in wild animals of the jungle when they take their puppies to places where they cannot be eaten by other predators. One concludes that because those feelings exist in us they also exist in God our Creator.
I expect the Source of all life to bring me to life in that Heaven where there will exist eternal peace, love in abundance, sentimentally, cheerfully, and sexually. Tiredness, boredom or separation that could bring the endless years of eternity in loving union with the female sex is an undesirable sickness that will not exist in our midst. It is a world where we will live in friendship for all eternity, where love is burning like fire and pure as the first fresh water, a Heaven of romance, vibrant joy and everything else that God gives us in his

I would ask you: What is better in all circumstances? To Approach GOOD or evil? The best solution for those rulers, despite all, is a public world meeting with the participation of all nations where they decide themselves to build a monument in the capital of each nation with these good commandments as a reminder of a pact of peace among them and thus reign peace among the nations. Do you doubt the existence of peace if everyone keeps the commandments?
But you could say that there exist the problem of the despicable one,
the traitor, the problem of betrayal. How to end the suspicion of a nation which thinks that at any moment could be betrayed by another nation and its people suffer an invasion or the detonation of a nuclear weapon? I would say to you that at that meeting of governors shown on TV, these leaders would elevate a solemn prayer to the Eternal and Infinite God, the Source, as a witness to this pact of peace among themselves where they pronounce the wishes of peace and friendship and also ask the most painful punishment in the future of the traitors, whether terrestrial or extraterrestrial, something like a curse that will follow them in their future, that way the traitor would keep in his mind the fear of the SUPREME AND ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY and be warned before acting. This pact of eternal peace and curse to the traitors should be done in all worlds; If life existed on planet Saturn then the curse would be for the Saturnine and the extrasaturnians traitors. Because of forgetfulness of the future generations, the pact of peace should be remembered with a minute of silence once a year in all nations. Then slowly, with the passing of time, die the feelings of resentment among the nations and gradually is reborn that precious jewel called: TRUST. Without the worries of wars and with the achievement of a sincere friendship among nations, all scientific effort and money that would be spent on military armaments could be used for the countries infrastructure and for the education and care of their people. All the planets or worlds in the Living Space must understand and respect the Two Holy Great Truths exposed in this document: 1st Who God is, and 2nd The obedience of the Good Commandments; Having, all the worlds, these Two Truths in common will make them able to greet one another from the distance and increase the confidence among them. That way peace would reign forever.

Because of the tendency to forget, assure yourself that you and your children read this sacred poem occasionally because there is a malignant force that subtly wants to influence in the mind erasing the promise of happiness; If you feel any suspicious activity in your brain do not fear, rather, avoid to sin any more, and live your condition calmly until the day of the resurrection praying in peace and allowing that the Holy Spirit liberate you of the mental battle. You could put a piece of paper hanging in your room with a message that reminds you of the danger of OBLIVION. Remember also that God possesses you but see HIM/HER always as THE GREAT SILENCE.
Start loving God loving peace for yourself and others and you achieve this by
keeping the good commandments written in this poem, for God is the supreme PEACE.

Will the unbeliever man or woman or the rich of the earth continue loving ONLY money
and living in a body that becomes old, that gets weak and becomes ugly and almost always dies before the age of 100? Or will they begin to worship God and His Kingdoms, (whether a holy capitalism, a holy egalitarianism, or any other better holy kingdom where the daily bread could be eaten without the sweat of the face), living in a glorified body, always full of youth, always healthy, always growing in beauty and living Eternally? Eternally is what it is: Countless trillions of years! .., Forever!

The Bride - Part 3

Because of the

that brings the accumulation of knowledge

through the eternal centuries, the previous song should be kept like a light that reminds the microcosms their positions before God, because Darkness, that is, THE NIGHT, is hidden knowledge that ceases to be Darkness only when it becomes light ... and this occurs, after it is discovered or understood.

There is the danger that God erase from the mind of sinful man the knowledge that makes him arrogant and then in a new life (the past already forgotten) reincarnate him as a least developed creature.
Humanity should look at its mind as a field where seeds are planted.
The seeds sown in the field of the mind are the thoughts. The good things you do to another person or the kind word that comes out of your mouth are thoughts that remain in your mind and the mind of others. When in the near or distant future you look back at your past, you will see in your memories only an accumulation of beautiful thoughts. The opposite of this is the evil deed and odious word you do to others that leaves people injured and in your mind a hotbed of accusatory thoughts. You must take care of your mind with the same care as you have with your eyes when a straw tries to enter into them. If your mind is full of bad memories because of your actions and hurtful words then begin today to sow good seed in your mind understanding that a good deed you do today is a positive thought that becomes part of your being. Over time your mind filled with good thoughts gives you strength in your inner being; The opposite will take you to prisons in this physical world and in the spiritual one.  Evil acts and its effect is threefold because it gives the slap, and because of the slap leaves the sentimental effects of fear and loathing in the one that received the evil act. Three things: the slap, then the feeling of fear and loathing. Of course, the fear is left only on those who cannot defend themselves for being weaker, because those who can defend themselves for being equal or greater stay just with the slap and the feeling of hatred, because the offender also gets his deserved beating also. The custom of those who love evil is the treason, the mockery and cruelty. The violence of a strong man towards a weaker one is an error because that strong one is weaker in front of someone who is stronger than him who eventually will make him run humiliating him. When the strong man see a weaker one should keep in his mind a wise counsel that says:
I am stronger and I can destroy the weaker one; If I have no fear of the weaker one I should have fear of his Creator that can destroy me. So aggressiveness should not make proud anyone except when justice is involved.
Therefore, if you are a
traitor (and most of us have betrayed at least once in our life in one way or another), hidden somewhere in the universe or in society practicing sin, repent and turn your life to goodness so your eternal future becomes happy; If you don’t, you run the risk of being reincarnated with all your flaws in a place of grief and sadness here on earth or on the planet
where you live.  Wake up Ipiaé!

The 4 steps that lead you to salvation, to eternal life,  are the following:

1) In a lonely place, analyze your life since you were a child up to the present age and ask God for   forgiveness for any incorrect action you find in your past.
2) Be baptized in water in the Name of JESUS.
3) In prayer ask the Thinking Space, who is Holy, the baptism in His Spirit.
4) Start keeping all the commandments written in this poem.

Make sure your repentance is real;  That is, when you're in a situation of missing the commandments do not miss them; For example, if you discover yourself lying then go back, excuse yourself and tell the truth.

Where do I come from?

Who was I in a past

Confession and salvation

So, knowing the danger and the effects of evil and understanding that
JUSTICE is behind its heels and what follows to the evil one is a path of pain and sadness, you must repent from all error and sin from the past and walk with these good commandments written in this poem. Not to go from bad to worse; Not to do, for example, what did a character in a movie called "a killer in the family" that prisoner in jail persuaded his children to help him escape making the punishment in his life and in front of God more serious by the actions he committed later. There is another character, even cruelest and ignorant, in a movie called "1984" that asks an innocent being tortured by him: "Why is hate less vital than love?" If that cruel and ignorant character were captured by his enemies of another nation that hate him, these enemies would teach him the virtues of hatred.
To get arrogant and courageous in front of destiny for being surrounded by armies and police is a very poor and sad confidence, because imprudent is the man who wants to walk his own ways relying only on his own strength. Have you ever had a nightmare while you sleep? Sleeping is the closest thing to death. Be careful with the Holy spiritual world. In the Sacred spiritual world we hope to find happiness after death. Understand that there is no true happiness neither here on earth nor in any other world where there exist good and evil. If you think you're completely happy you're very wrong. It is enough just
to know that evil exists for not to have complete happiness.
I'll give you an example: there may be a distant planet of people who live forever, who have perfect bodies, perfect minds and perfect happiness, very good and happy people; But one day their world leaders hear that there exist flying machines (UFOs) whose crew are evil invaders, who invade and impose their will, their bad rules, their lifestyle and their brutality; And just this knowledge alone, knowing that evil exists, plant in the minds of that beautiful perfect species filled with happiness and goodness a feeling that never was part of them:
the preoccupation. Now they're not completely happy as before because there is a new current in them annoying their minds, a sick thought that comes and goes in their minds and this forces their minds inclined to goodness to build weapons of destruction and to do one day what they had never done before: to prepare themselves to kill to defend their world.
The leaders of those worlds would put limit in some spatial points of the galaxy about the knowledge of evil, keeping secretly among them the knowledge of evil, the knowledge of the threat that exist in front of its people to keep their minds completely good and happy as before. For this is the only way to destroy evil boasting (or concept of evil) that begins with the knowledge of its existence that would naturally be known in the conversations of the creatures of those worlds making emotionally sick everything in its path.
The holy
must protect the sacred. Is there a difference between the holy and the sacred?
I define a sacred being as an absolutely good being who does not even know that evil exists, only knows goodness; A holy being is equal to a sacred being except that he/she has knowledge of good and evil; He/She doesn’t sin but knows the evil that others do and if they have to kill, they kill defending good and justice.
The sacred beings in the universe would be very, very easy victims in the hands of the evil ones if it were not for the protection of the saints.
In the really happy Heaven I ask the true God when I die, there will be what I call a WORLD SACRED MARRIAGE, in the order He gives us, with a single language 100% phonetic, perfect in every detail. It is a world whose members are as clean as the first waters that flowed from his BEING;  The Bible says that
"…what we will be has not yet been made known" (1 John 3:2), and it also says that "We shall all be changed" (1 Corinthians 15:51). Creatures of all colors, new beings that could be indescribable; What follows is a description of a happy asexual, a modern and sensual androgyny, and a beautiful romantic couple (hover the mouse over the next three links).

Alive creatures throughout the eternal ages.
Young and beautiful forever!


Time passed and led you to a different path.
What united us was undone by destiny.
From ME it separated you.

Sinner responds:

I was left tormented.

With you went away what I had dreamed:
a world of illusion where love would reign
without jealousy and rancor that would separate us.
And still in my love the flame is on,
if you want to return you will be welcome.
I love you like yesterday, like yesterday, like yesterday;
As always!

Peace says to sinner:

Peace says:

(And if traitor or prodigal son uses his/her reason:)

Peace to sinner:

I have found you again.
I feel my life reborn.
Let's start all over again,
There will be no more farewell.
Once again has SPROUTED the lost harmony!

Sinner responds:

Peace says:

We have to toast for our joy!

Peace and  the repentant sinner:

We’ll toast like yesterday, like yesterday, like yesterday…., As always!

¡Brindaremos como ayer, como ayer, como ayer…., como siempre!

La Paz al pecador:

Te he vuelto a encontrar. Siento renacer mi vida.
Volvamos a empezar; No habrá más despedida.
¡Ha vuelto a BROTAR la perdida armonía!

El tiempo pasó; Te ha devuelto a mi camino.
Lo que separó lo ha juntado el destino.

¡Tenemos que brindar por nuestra alegría!

(Y si el traidor o hijo pródigo usa la razón:)

El pecador a la paz:

La Paz al pecador:

 La Paz y el pecador arrepentido:

Contigo se marchó lo que YO había soñado:
un mundo de ilusión donde el amor reinaría,
sin celos, ni rencor que nos separaría.
Y aún de mi querer la llama está encendida,
si tú quieres volver serás la bienvenida.
YO te quiero como ayer, como ayer, como ayer,
¡Como siempre!

La Paz le dice al pecador:

El tiempo pasó; Te llevó por otro camino.
Lo que nos unió lo deshizo el destino.
De MÍ te separó.

Me quedé atormentado.

El pecador le responde:

La Paz le dice:

Como Siempre

For it is obvious that GOODNESS must not be condemned forever to live in constant surveillance of evil and corruption. GOODNESS must overcome in one way or another all evil since the normal life is to live properly disengaged from all danger; Life must develop itself in peace, a peace similar to the one lived in a far away and unknown past before evil was developed in the universe, before the breaking of that very delicate and fragile jewel called trust.


Two things in common

Two things in common

Two things in common

Two things in common

Two things incommon

Two things in common

Two things in common

Two things in common

Dos cosas en común

Dos cosas en común

Two things in common

Two things in common

Two things in common

Two things in common

Dead around the age of 75. What would be the destination of the soul of this person?