Yuma Yoe
Yuma Yoe.                      

Triste es tu fin Yuma Yoe.

(Apocalipsis 19:20)

El sol del mediodía comienza a calentar
y ya se escuchan galopar,  
(Apocalipsis 6:4)
ahí viene Yuma Yoe.   

Yuma Yoe.
Arrastra una leyenda de miedo y de terror,
dicen que nunca tuvo amor
el pobre Yuma Yoe.
Yuma Yoe.
Se cuenta que en los duelos sale siempre vencedor.
Se dice que de todos es más rápido y mejor,
que no conoce el miedo ni tampoco la traición.
Dicen que así es Yuma Yoe.
Yuma Yoe, Yuma Yoe.
Quizás jamás consigas vengar tu corazón,
pero una bala encontrarás  
(Apocalipsis 13:3)
amigo Yuma Yoe.
Yuma Yoe
Yuma Yoe.
La fama de ser rápido y de todos el mejor
lo lleva a cada instante
a jugarse sin temor,      
(Apocalipsis 13:6)
marcando su camino con la muerte y el dolor.

Foto de una canasta con frutas Foto de una naranja siendo cortada por un cuchillo Foto del sistema circulatorio de un cuerpo humano Foto de relámpagos Grafica de una esfera que representa el microcosmo Foto de un rinoceronte Foto de una vaca Foto de mujer mostrando las caderas y los muslos Foto de flecha rosada apuntando hacia punto rojo de la esfera

π = 3.14159




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When you divide the circumference by the diameter you get the value of a famous and mysterious number called π (PI in English) whose value is always 3.14159..... This value is produced with all circles no matter how small or how large they are, no matter what the size of their circumference and their diameters.

Song Song

Yin Yang -  curved diameter

The diameter goes around the circumference 3 times and then a little bit is left represented by the decimal 0.14159. That is, if you take the diameter as a wand and measure the circumference, the diameter would go around the circumference one time, one more time, and again one more time, for a total of 3 times, and then it is only left the little bit mentioned above; That little or small portion of space left in the circle is shown below with a red dot.

Red dot = 0.14159

If you, reader, draw a circle as shown above and continue drawing smaller circles within this first circle until you reach the smallest circle that can be created and make to stand out from each circle only the portion of π which is 0.14159 (the red dot) then you would form the figure on the left below (Figure 1) that shows now the portion of π not in red color but in black. This figure looks like the part of the body of a woman, it shows part of the thighs and hips. Concentrate your eyes on the picture and try to see that section of the woman's body from the front; Concentrate your eyes and convince yourself.

Figure 1

The same figure is shown below on its side.

Figure 2

And now I ask you, what part of the body of the woman is in that area? It’s the part of the woman from where babies come out, the sons and daughters that populate the world. In other words: Life sprouts out!
See once again Figure 1. Doesn’t it look like the body of an animal looking at it from behind where the black line looks like a tail?
And what part of the female animal is under the tail?
The part of the animal from where their babies come out.
Life sprouts out!
The Living Space, that is, the source from which all life sprang, used as the model the circle (which is a part of the sphere, being the sphere a form in miniature of her own infinite body) and thus drew that part of the body of women and some animals,
the mothers , and so continue to sprout the little life.
If you take the set of flat circles (Figure 2) and you turn it around itself, 180 degrees, you would form a sphere as shown in figure 3. The black line in Figure 2 (in red color now in the sphere) consisting of the individual values of the decimal part of the constant number of π (0.14159), when rotates 180 degrees begins to form something like a
D inside the sphere. This sphere is the microcosm, a finite model of the infinite MACROCOSM.

Tell me, dear friend, what part of the body looks like this little sphere?
Obviously the head. This sphere looks like a head with a mouth. And the
D formed inside the mouth is similar to a tongue. And as you know, we use the tongue to talk, to articulate words; And I ask you: What are words? words are thoughts. The human being is a microcosm of HIS Creator: The MACROCOSM, The Thinking Space, Mother Life. The Gospel of John says that "In the beginning was the thought, and the thought was with God, and the thought was God; The thought was in the beginning with God; All things were made by the thought; And without the thought nothing that has been made, was made. In the thought was life, and the thought was the light of men. The understanding shines among ignorance and ignorance prevailed not against it.” These words are true referring to The Thinking Space, who is the true source of infinite wisdom and ideas, and who allowed someone to manifest himself in the past with power, a microcosm that was manifested on earth many years ago.

It is a microcosm of that Being that goes tirelessly weaving all the beautiful things we see in nature. With the tongue we also taste the food. Most fruits are designed as a sphere, though not perfect spheres because of the variation that exist in the designs, and it is interesting to see when cutting some fruits with a knife, how the knife draws the invisible D that is part of every sphere. For example, look at the following pictures:

The power and intelligence of Mother Life is inconceivable. If you think it's wonderful that the greatness of the worlds had come out of The Living Space, remember reader, that the great things constructed in life are made with large amount of small things; For example, consider the greatness of a 100-story building, the building is large and solid but they are made of small blocks which in turn are made of even smaller things such as sand and cement. Therefore, you can see that the large building is large but made of tiny things; Likewise the earth and all worlds were made of large amounts of small things such as atoms which are invisible to our eyes. From the Nothing came out matter, but, is it correct to call Nothing to Something? To Something that you can see with your own eyes? I call Her: Mother Life! Who is like something magical!
The planes, cars, and other things on the surface of the worlds were formerly bare metal that man transforms in so many things and these things, whether stationary or moving, are in God as are the bones, organs and blood flowing in our bodies, and the same manner these things are not annoying for us to have inside our body, are not annoying to God either to have in HER Being all things that exist.
It is very possible that there exist in His Being something still greater than the MIND, something greater than the world of ideas, something unattainable now to the creatures because it is unthinkable.
MOTHER Life works simultaneously in all creation, not only here on earth but in all the planets in all the galaxies and all creatures in Her Eternal and Infinite Being. When creatures are born Mother Life continues its relentless action in them: nails grow continuously, hair grows, cells die and reproduce and even when the creatures die Mother Life still continue working on their dead bodies turning into worms the rotten meat.
Is God also amid the stinking and rotten?
Remember, friend, that God is Life itself.
What is stinking for a small creature like you is not for God.
God is Omnipresent. God is everywhere. Many people feel separated from God because they only perceive Him as a male figure sitting on a throne in a place called Heaven. God should be seen sitted on a throne only when acting as
JUDGE, but in reality God is everywhere. No matter where you go, Mother Life is always in and out of you, possesses all things good and bad.
Even though God is in all, it is VERY IMPORTANT, reader, for you to see God as the
GREAT SILENCE. Be careful not to obey any mysterious voice or thought that urges you to do something evil and lead you to think it's God talking to you. One manifestation of his beautiful and powerful voice are the thunders when it rains.
I want to ask you a question: What is better?
To believe or to understand?
Obviously to UNDERSTAND. Believing in Divine matters is a danger because it always leaves the door opened for a future deceiver.
When you believe your trust is not safe because it depends on the words of the one who spoke to you and who spoke to you could be right or could be wrong, but when you UNDERSTAND, your trust is safe because what is understood is embraced wholeheartedly. If God were always sitted on a throne, let us say here in the Milky Way galaxy, what would other creature be saying in the nearby galaxies and in those galaxies of inconceivable distances about this? How could the countless trillions of creatures of different species of the countless trillions of galaxies get close to Him?
To think of God as a someone always sitted on a throne (temporal representation of the true) just brings to the mind the image of a precious man dressed resplendently and so remains forever in the minds of the people: as an image of a man and not as Mother Life itself.
Normally, kings and emperors are the ones who sit on thrones.
JesusChrist said to Philip,
"He who has seen Me has seen the Father ..." (John 14:9).
This has to be understood as for kindness refers, since of another form these words leave in the mind a God's portrait as the image of a man; They don’t clearly specify the presence of GOD as you already understand it, as the SOUL of the Living Space,
the Source from which all things arose, and because of the female form produced by the circle as shown above, God must not be called only FATHER but also MOTHER. And Mother Life is not only in Heaven but also on Earth and everywhere.

The commandments of God and Yuma Yoe

Now, dear friend, what should be your standard of conduct before God and before others?  You must obey commandments similar to those given to Moses on Mount Sinai seeing God in Nature

1. Love God above all things.
2. Do not insult your intelligence
by kneeling down before any image or statue of saint or virgin or demon or any man instead of God.
3. Thou shalt not take the name of God in vain.
4. Remember that God is the DAY and also the NIGHT;
Therefore, not only the Sabbath is holy but every single day is HOLY as well. Do good in everyone of them.
5. Do not kill. (When nobody kills, people around the world feel safe and look at each other in friendship and peace. This commandment must only be broken when applied defending GOODNESS and justice against evil.)
6. Do not steal. When nobody steals people feel in peace in their homes or on the street.
7. Do not lie. (A grave sin among people is the habit of lying. When nobody lies, an environment of trust in human relationships is created. When you speak the truth ALWAYS, you become a more respectable man or woman and honesty is maintained.)
8. Do not rape. When no one violates mentally nor physically, people walk through the streets or parks in peace and their minds are not damaged.
9. Respect natural life. Naturally to create human life the seed of men (the sperm) goes to encounter the woman's egg, not to meet other thing; Therefore, you must say NO to homosexuality (Leviticus 18:22; 1st Corinthians 6:9).
Homosexual and lesbians should not risk their eternal salvation after death; They should wait, in repentance of their sins, the eternal life promised in the Bible and the birth of a new being, a modern and divine androgyne, described later on, (see Part 2 of this poem). Advice your family against the comments of some authorities who approve the unnatural as these authorities do not seem to understand that there are lots of corrupt homosexual (pedophiles) who chase children and persuade them with small gifts in this world where there are such a great number of innocent children in all nations, whether they are the children of military men, policemen, lawyers or laborers of all classes. It is dangerous for these children to go to school or elsewhere and who take care of them be a pedophile as pedophiles in the secret of their minds normally caress the thoughts of their lost and harmful desires wanting to take the fruit of normal family:
the children.
10. Honor your parents. When children honor their parents by obeying their good advices, respect and order is maintained in the family.
11. Watch your words. Understand that a single word can cause a satisfaction or a bad wound in the minds of people affecting them emotionally, and words are not easily forgotten. When parents do not use harsh and negative words when speaking to their children they avoid the creation of a low esteem in their minds. This does not mean not to speak firmly when necessary but giving them understanding.
12. Respect virginity: it is very important that men and women get marriage being both virgins. It is very dangerous for men or women for the sake of achieving sexual pleasure to engage sexually irresponsibly because when having sex man often forgets he is sowing the seed of life in women and often occurs that the man disappears leaving the woman pregnant and it is a tragedy for the woman having to deal herself alone to raise her child without the help of the father, and for these children is very painful and depressing to ask: Where is my Dad? Who is my father? And now that child has to grow without the emotional and all other support of his father. When virginity is saved until marriage men and women learn the value of discipline because they keep natural principles of life that is sacred.
13. Get married at the right age: An appropriate age for your wedding would be at age 22 or at any age after that for it is harmful, shameful and criminal for a man to have thoughts so wrong and abhorrent of wanting to marry little girls who have not yet developed neither physically nor emotionally as there have been cases in which adult men want to take little girls of 12 years old, 9 years old, 7 years old, and even 1-year old as wives. Nature teaches us that everything has its own time. Children should enjoy, without stumbling, their innocent age going to school and not being victims of sick desires of some adults.
14. Love fidelity. When the couple (man and woman) are faithful to each other remains in them the mutual trust and thus avoid the pain of the disappointment, the breaking of the marriage, and the emotional wounds in the family. A married man suffers the natural weakness of being attracted by the beauty of any woman who is not his wife; The same thing happens to a married woman with respect to any man who is not her husband. This weakness should be completely controlled and instead to love with all his/her heart the spouse and their children, thus improving the stability of the family.
15. No to abortion, except when rape is involved, the mother’s life is in danger or when the baby has a serious abnormality.
16. Be ambitious but no selfish for selfishness is a feeling contrary to God’s Spirit and all that is contrary to God’s Spirit do not have neither His approval nor His blessing.
Do not accumulate unnecessary material wealth or put your trust in them only. When the rich but selfish man get used not to trust in God but only in the police or military protection dies, all his wealth and protection are left behind. Only inherits an ambitious soul with dangerous feelings, now alone and unprotected, which is undesired in any Heaven where there is happiness for all creatures.
17. Be ambitious but also generous with the needy; When looking at the abundance of all things that earth produces you realize that the right path is to seek the spiritual, rich and GENEROUS likeness of our Creator. So it is good for humanity to walk for all eternity acquiring knowledge and producing many useful things with that knowledge for his/her benefit and the benefit of others. That way would go through life enriching his/her character not as the selfish one but as the generous one.
18. Forgive leaving every offense in the hands of God, for the person who doesn’t forgive is doomed to carry a poison in the mind called rancor, and that is a harmful feeling that keeps the spirit in a bitter mood; Forgive your spouse if he/she has been unfaithful to you and forgive any other offense from others leaving the revenge to God, understanding that a human being is a creature in development who makes mistakes. When you think of the life of a human being from an eternal point of view, you will notice that even the elders of 80 or 90 years old are like boys before God.
19. Be humble in relation to knowledge, occasionally looking at not what you already know but what you don’t know; Look around in the nearby and far away the things you don’t know! Don’t let the degree of light in you to be the cause for you to be pretentious or arrogant, but the degree of darkness in you what keeps you always humble.
20. Remember all of these good commandments because there is a force that tries to turn off the thoughts on purpose and after you forget something you lose it unless someone makes you remember.

Who is that someone the song speaks about?

Sad but also very interesting were the results of searching for that someone who the song speaks about. In my investigation I thought that that woman was called Saraí  but she was not, then I was convinced her name was Beatriz but she was not either. The purpose of finding that someone who the song speaks about was to fulfill what was written in the book of Revelation as the song starts playing the trumpet 6 times and the two witnesses of the book of Revelation are between the sixth and seventh trumpet. So I began to wonder if it was a calling from God, but who is God?


To know the true identity of GOD you do not use faith but reason, understanding, analysis. Let us begin by saying that the word GOD is used to refer to the Intelligent Being that created all matter and everything that exist.
There was a time in the very remote past when earth did not exist.
What existed in its place?
There was a time in an inconceivable past when neither the sun, nor the rest of the stars, nor the rest of the worlds existed. What existed in their places? And how existed?
Existed only what we call SPACE.
Remember that the stars are what produce light and heat. Because there was no matter of any kind, no stars, nothing, the Space was completely
empty, immensely cold, in complete darkness, in total silence, and in great solitude.
Try now to disappear what we call space. Can you do it?
If you could, what would be left in its place?
The truth is that neither you nor any body can disappear, remove or destroy SPACE. That mysterious unknown we call SPACE cannot be created.
Reason tells us that Space has always existed.
It does not have a beginning
It is Eternal!
It is indestructible!
Space already lived all the past. Plunge yourself, reader, into the eternal past with jumps of a million years, a billion years, a trillion years each or imagine a 1 with a billion zeros to the right and jump that extremely large number of years into the past again and again; There comes a point where you have to stop as it would last forever. The past doesn’t have a beginning. Always there exist a before, an earlier age.
Therefore, the same way that Space lived the past without beginning, the same way will continue majestically living the eternal future which is forever.
You yourself can comprehend that SPACE is Eternal.
Now think for a while in its size, in its greatness.
Close your eyes and travel with your imagination big, big, big distances through it. Travel with jumps of a trillion light years each and imagine the variety of worlds, and new and strange things in those far away places.
Try to find an end!
The truth is that you can’t because if you traveled a colossal, a gigantic distance across it and find far away something like a cloud wall that says: this is the end, you will not believe it because your reason is going to tell you that something must be behind that cloud. There is always a beyond in terms of distance. So great is the SPACE that you, a star or anything could travel at any speed in any direction of it FOR ALL ETERNITY and NEVER will find an end because the SPACE does not have any end, it continues forever.
It is Infinite!
Consider once more the condition of the empty SPACE.
Close your eyes and think about that unreachable past in which the Eternal and Infinite SPACE was alone, cold, in great darkness, and total silence.
Time passed and the SPACE continued in complete solitude.
Reason tells us that there was a moment in an inconceivable past in which from the SPACE emerged or was born something:
This way, the SPACE who always was unconscious might have become conscious.
What could have been his feelings in those first moments?
Only existed a feeling of PEACE.
Only existed the darkness of his BEING.
And time passed.
Throbbed the thought of his existence; One can imagine that searching his identity muttered something like: I ... I ... I ...
And watched the darkness of his
Scented breezes would come out of his Being!
Crystal and pure water sprout out of his Being!
The first elements or atoms that sprout out from his Being would leave Him marveled. When and where did the first sound occurred breaking the eternal silence that was his Being?
What could have been his surprise discovering that He could hear? He had never heard anything before.
People are accustomed to think of God as a Being always serious and seriousness is part of his Being, but who put smiles on people, wouldn’t also laugh in one and thousands of ways?
When and where was born the first lightning or the first star ending the eternal night that was his Being? What could have been His reaction? As now He could see something different from the usual darkness. Now He could feel a warm feeling in his Being accustomed to the eternal cold that enveloped him.
With every thing born from his Being would also originate the first feelings of Love, Joy, Games! Thoughts like, "what is this?" would have been born in His Being with each new fruit that sprang from his body.
On the other hand, reason and ignorance of truths so profound also tell us that perhaps the MIND of the
Living Space, in the eternal past, was conscious all the time, never was born but always existed. With large whirlwind would gather the elements and would shape the planets, satellites and stars. With admirable intelligence created every creature in the trillions of trillions of countless worlds that formed in his Being. God is the real admiration.
Every creature on earth is perfectly designed. Even animals that seem ugly as the crocodile or the hippopotamus, for example, are in its own way beautiful, well-formed. You can see for yourself, reader, that even the fruits we eat are designed and dressed beautifully.
Have you ever seen a corn plant or a corn cob?
Or a banana tree?
They are beautiful like all trees and plants that fill the planet earth!
Do you realize how pretty and varied are the envelopes of the fruits?
Look at the delicacy and tenderness with which are made the flowers!
Consider the primor contemplated in the wings of the butterflies!
Light a candle and watch the beauty of fire!
See the beauty of the water!
Observe the dance of the breeze moving the branches of the trees.
Look how the Living Space, the MOTHER LIFE, the eternal
SOURCE from which all things arose feeds the earth: Uses a part of his Being, the sun, to heat another part of his Being, the sea water, and takes the vapor of water to another corner of his Being, the clouds, and condense the steam in rainwater and with thunder and lightning pours his blessing, copious rain waters upon the earth so the earth produce all kinds of food and sustain all life on earth.
As you might be aware by now, all creatures see the TRUE God as soon as they are born and open their eyes for God is the Day and is also the Night and is the Day and also the Night because God is the Soul of the
Living Space.

The song and the word

Life is full of mysteries. Things happen that leaves you confused yet eager for further research as the nature of human being in front of an unknown is always to get to the bottom of that unknown until it is satisfied with an answer.  If it does not do so then the soul is frustrated; Therefore, we must search for the truth of things and if the answers are not obtained in this world then keep hoping to find them in the next. One evening in New York at the end of 1992, I began to feel very tired. I felt like sleeping; Therefore, I lay in bed with the intention to take a break. While I was in that moment when you're almost asleep but not asleep at all, I started listening to a song; The sound was heard far away, but clear. To hear a song while I was sleeping would have been something I would have forgotten without giving much importance if it were not for a voice I heard saying a word: ¡Procrikí!

The voice was heard loud in my room, specifically next to my bed. This voice woke me abruptly. I got out of bed amazed since it was the first time something like this happened to me. The first thing that came to my mind was about the meaning of the word procrikí. The song I heard was the following:

And when he had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour. And I saw the 7 angels which stood before God; and to them were given 7 trumpets.

Revelation 8:1-2

at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

st Corinthians 15:52
Revelation 11:15

Ir arriba God - Part 2

Figure 3

The beauty of π

Now I will show you something, dear reader, that I discovered and loved it. Make the effort required to understand it; It is not difficult. It's about the flat circle and the sphere. If you think a little bit about the form of the Living Space you conclude that the Thinking Space is a sphere, sphere that is a PRECIOUS JEWEL that extends forever in all directions.
Consider now the flat circle, which is a portion of a sphere. The circle has become the subject of much study by many researchers. The following figure shows a flat circle. The border around is called the circumference and the line that crosses it is called the diameter.
The name of the Creator,
GOD, is written on it, that is, the closed “G”, the “O” and the “D”; In Spanish GOD is written DIOS which is also written in it, that is, the “D”, the “I”, the “O” and the closed “S”. As the circumference and diameter grow to infinity so does his NAME (Title). You can see that it looks like a brain’s drawing observed from the top. Other parts of the human body, in its primitive forms, are also hidden in the figure shown below.

The creatures cannot continue as resistors with themselves and others loving corruption and evil, as the resistor (or sinner) is healed through repentance or sooner or later is removed from life being destroyed and left in ashes as happen to a resistor in an electronic circuit when a large amount of current passes through it.
GOODNESS gave its life in favor of infinite, eternal, and absolute goodness.
EVIL, perhaps, do the same defending evil?
In the mind of Mephistopheles is left the answer to that question.
Hear Yuma Yoe and others like him in the Universe the voice of God who calls them to repentance .............. or perdition.

Symbol of a resistor

A straight life

When all people memorize on their minds, meditate and obey all these commandments then disappear from the world a sad and an undesirable feeling: FEAR. Being fear eliminated, rises in the sentiment  all people want and need: PEACE.
 Jesus was asked once: What people had to do to inherit eternal life. And his answer was good: he said:
"Keep the commandments and help the poor" (Matthew 19:16-22). I tell you, my friend, keep these commandments of this document in which the poor are helped by your great generosity when fulfilling the commandment 17.

Two things are very important that you and your family keep in mind:

1. Who is
GOD. (The Multiversal MIND of the Infinite Living Space)
2. The 20 commandments previously analyzed.

If you think a little bit, you will realize that God offers you eternal life expecting you to obey His/Her laws that are also eternal. Thinking from the eternal point of view, what good would it be for a Heaven to have a person to obey only for a million years the commandment that says: "you shall not lie", or "you shall not steal"? If that person were initiated today to live the eternity in a Heaven and that person had in his mind that weakness, then he might be considered to be a time bomb that will exploit in the future, sowing once again the sin, the pain to his neighbor, in a clean Heaven; Do you realize now the Great importance of all God's commandments?

First the flower and…..

…..then the fruit.

Inside the mind


The oblivion is good only under the shadow of the Holy Spirit.

Enter ye in at the strait gate….,

For wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat.

And strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Matthew 7:13-14

Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

Saint John 3:5

The big bang?

Saint Matthew 2:13

Saint John 19:38

Record in your mind the following statement:

The beginning of all wisdom is to Love God and to Fear not to keep His commandments.

When you love God, you are putting into action a positive thought in your mind; And when you fear to fail his commandments, you are putting prudence into action, because
Are you not afraid or embarrassed to be caught lying? Or is it not scary for you to go to jail for stealing or killing or for any other disobedience?

Understand, friend, that you do not grow spiritually walking in life only exalting a religious figure but practicing the virtues that embellish humanity or any other universal creature.
It would be very good that all children in all schools had one and only one book that teaches, with stories, all the virtues and faults that the human being is capable to develop in the inner being, and thus reach adulthood with a clear spiritual orientation, a subject that could be taught along with other subjects like math, language, etcetera. For every born child that is obligatory. It is a tragedy for little babies to be born innocent and clean to have to grow up in the midst of corruption and contaminate their lives as their parents contaminated theirs when they themselves were also clean and innocent when they were born. Sooner or later it will be the work of a generation to clean up corruption in the world for the sake of their children, thus stopping this dirty inheritance that harms future generations. With an educated inner being the people of the world would walk through life in a conscious manner making even the job of police much easier as the danger is less or none.
The sinner who reflects his/her ways is a wise and valuable being because to achieve the true peace is his/her goal. If to achieve happiness a life had to be straight but it becomes like the symbol of a resistor, (an electronic device that reduces electrical current flow) a straight symbol but with many zig zag which represent the sins, the deviations or disharmony in the life of that creature, then those zig zag must disappear.

You are to keep them, to obey them ETERNALLY!

        “Someone will come

Solitude is temporary.
It always goes away as it comes.
Someone will be waiting
to give you the love that is saving.
Think no more…
Someone waits for you
to give you the whole soul.

and will love each other,
will love one another,
will love one another.
Someone will give all the love for you.
Someone will come and you will be happy.

You will meet along the way
Se encontrarán por el camino

La soledad es pasajera,

siempre se va tal como llega.

Alguien habrá que esté esperando

para darte el amor que va guardando.

No pienses más…
alguien te espera

para entregar el alma entera.

y se amarán, se amarán, se amarán.

Alguien dará todo su amor por ti.

Alguien vendrá y tú serás feliz.

¿Want to see?